GPT-4 Will Make ChatGPT Smarter but Won’t Fix Its Flaws

The AI system that powers the popular chatbot we all know and love has recently received an upgrade. This new version of the AI brings better language skills than its predecessor, allowing it to understand and respond to a wider range of questions and commands.

Unfortunately, this new version of AI is still subject to bias and fabrication, as those concepts are still major issues affecting the progress of AI technology. The chatbot’s AI will still be prone to making mistakes, as it may be influenced by the biases of its creators, or even more external factors. Furthermore, due to the chatbot’s reliance on algorithms, it can still be manipulated and abused in a similar manner to its predecessors.

Despite these shortcomings, this new version of AI still brings a lot of important capabilities to the table. For instance, better language skills means that the chatbot is able to understand a larger range of questions, resulting in better user experience. Additionally, such language capabilities enable the chatbot to be more conversational, allowing for interactions to be more natural than ever before.

At the end of the day, the new version of the AI system powering the popular chatbot undeniably holds much promise. However, it is still subject to a variety of shortcomings that come with AI technology, such as bias, fabrication and potential abuse. Nonetheless, this new version of the AI system still offers several important capabilities, making it a valuable contribution to chatbot technology.






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