ChatGPT gets more ‘human’ as AI wave continues

The popular ChatGPT app is finally making waves with the release of their long-awaited update of AI technology. This new update promises to be safer and more accurate than their first version, and is particularly exciting for users who depend on the app for generating essays, poems or computing code.

The update is based on natural language processing, which allows ChatGPT to understand what kind of output is expected from the user’s input and tip-toe around any potential copyright issues. This capability allows the new version to accomplish tasks more accurately and efficiently than its predecessor, like detecting when a sentence is complete and when to start a new one.

The update also brings a layer of safety, as it is able to recognize any potential privacy concerns of the user’s input. This means that the AI will route any information in the most secure manner possible to protect any sensitive content the user may be inputting.

Overall, the updated version of ChatGPT is sure to bring users a better, safer experience. With improved accuracy, more secure processing of sensitive data and the ability to identify potential copyright issues, the app has certainly come a long way and is now better than ever.






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