Microsoft lays off AI ethics team

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It comes as a great surprise to many that Microsoft has recently opted to layoff their team of experts dedicated to ensuring the responsible development and deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This raises questions as to how the tech giant plans on monitoring the safety and net-positive impact of their solutions during this uncertain time.

Platformer recently reported that the Microsoft AI Ethics and Society team were especially impacted with the larger cuts to the company’s workforce. Even though Microsoft claims that their Advanced Technology and Projects (ATP) are still able to carry out the vital work of the ethics team, this raises issues as to the level of their ability to do so without the expertise of the former members.

It is well known that technology ethics are of particular importance when it comes to the development and deployment of AI technology. Without proper ethical review processes from experienced professionals, solutions could be inadequately engineered, or worse, have unintended consequences when they reach the public.

As the global leader in information technology, it is crucial that Microsoft maintains responsibility when it comes to the development and deployment of AI-powered solutions. It is truly unfortunate that Microsoft has had to resort to downsizing their team of trained experts, and the global community looks to Microsoft for the highest standards for accountable AI development and deployment.






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