A Privacy Hero’s Final Wish: An Institute to Redirect AI’s Future

The world of data security lost a powerful thinker and innovator when Peter Eckersley passed away unexpectedly in 2019. Though his life was cut tragically short, Eckersley’s legacy will live on through the work of a new organization founded in his memory.

Eckersley had an impressive career of public service and activism. He was a leading voice in data security and privacy technology and co-founded the Electronic Frontier Foundation. He was also a renowned researcher in cryptography and web encryption. He embraced new technologies and developed tools to protect users from surveillance, censorship, and other privacy threats.

Now, the Peter Eckersley Trust has taken up the mantle of its illustrious namesake. Founded by his family, this organization is dedicated to carrying forward Eckersley’s groundbreaking work to protect users of all stripes from malicious online interference.

In addition to its technical security work, the Trust has set its sights on a larger purpose: guiding artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge computer technology toward “human flourishing.” This ambitious mission seeks to ensure that innovations in AI are sensitive to personal privacy and capable of promoting autonomy, fairness, and freedom of expression.

As the Trust works to promote greater security, privacy, and agility, it remains committed to the values that Peter Eckersley championed in life. Because of his groundbreaking work, the world can continue to benefit from his ingenuity far into the future.






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