Machine magic or art menace? Japan’s first AI manga

When it comes to the world of manga, readers turn to the pages expecting the art of the story to be the work of creative minds and skilled hands. But what would it be like if the art of a new manga literally came from an artificial intelligence instead of a person?

This is the interesting notion that is being tested with the upcoming release of a science-fiction manga in Japan. Author Taro Kentaro has admitted that he has “absolutely zero” drawing talent, which is why he has decided to use AI to create art for the manga’s dystopian saga.

While this approach may be a first for the manga world, it wouldn’t be the first time AI has been used to create art. Companies such as Google have used AI to generate artistic pieces in different mediums, such as photos and sculptures. Artists have also used AI to make music and paint.

What makes Kentaro’s manga stand out, however, is that while AI is usually used in combination with manual techniques and tweaks by the author, the artwork of Kentaro’s manga is entirely AI-generated. Technology has advanced to the point where an AI can be used to create a series of manga panels.

The use of AI to create manga artwork is truly revolutionary. It means manga creators now have the ability to experiment with more complex art concepts and push the boundaries of singular artistic creativity. It will be interesting to see how Kentaro’s manga fares with readers, as well as how much further AI can be taken in the field of manga.






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