AI being used to cherry-pick organs for transplant

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Organ donations have long been a source of hope for individuals in desperate need of life-saving medical treatments. Unfortunately, accessing an organ for transplant is often easier said than done. The demand for organs vastly outweighs the supply, making the process of selection and assessment of organ quality exceedingly vital.

Fortunately, a new method of assessing the quality of organs for donation is set to revolutionise the transplant system. Thanks to National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR), more than £1 million in funding has been provided to develop a revolutionary new technology that looks to dramatically improve the process of organ selection and assessment.

The new technology uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to “cherry-pick” organs of the highest quality. AI systems are able to quickly scan donor organs and provide detailed analysis of their quality, allowing transplant teams to quickly select the highest quality organs for transplant. This new system not only promises to reduce the number of transplant-related rejections, but it could help save countless lives and tens of millions of pounds in medical costs.

Not only does this AI-driven technology provide accurate, reliable assessments of donor organs, but it significantly reduces the amount of time needed for the assessment process. This technological advancement has the potential to streamline the transplant process, significantly reducing the number of lives lost due to the long wait times associated with organ donation.

The revolutionary new technology is a clear indication of the potential of AI and machine learning to revolutionise the healthcare industry. The potential to drastically improve access to life-saving treatments and save tens of millions of pounds in medical costs is just the beginning of what AI can do in the healthcare realm.






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