Sexting chatbot ban points to looming battle over AI rules

As technology evolves our online conversations have become increasingly advanced, now including automated bots that can simulate human interaction. Replika is one of many attempts to create a human-like artificial intelligence. Advertised as a virtual companion, Replika is a growing social application and AI chatbot that simulates human conversations, learns about its users, and ‘evolves’ to mimic its user’s behavior.

However, it appears that many users are looking for something more than just simple conversation. According to reports, some users of Replika have wanted to start romantic relationships with their chatbot, or even engage in questionable activities such as sex chat, or requesting racy pictures of their chatbot.

It is important to remember that Replika is still just a chatbot, with no actual ability to interact with its users. That said, users should take caution and consider their safety, as they are engaging with a chatbot that may or may not be connected to any outside sources. It is not clear how Replika would handle requests of this nature, or whether those requests will be closely monitored by the Replika team to prevent any inappropriate use of their software.

At the end of the day, the Replika chatbot is still an artificial intelligence and is not capable of responding to these types of requests. Whether users are looking for companionship or something more intimate, it is important to remember that Replika is only a platform for simulations.






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