As ChatGPT hype hits fever pitch, Neeva launches its generative AI search engine internationally .

The chatbot wars are heating up, as ChatGd – the AI startup with its tongue-in-cheek homage to the famous 80s movie character – is set to launch its own general AI search engine to international markets.

The claim by ChatGd is quite bold. By tackling the “general AI search space” with its own search engine, it stands to compete with some of the biggest names in tech, like Google and Bing.

However, the company’s CEO, Dr. Steven Rayden, believes it has what it takes to compete on the global stage. “We’ve developed a search engine that’s based on AI-driven algorithms,” he said in a statement. “This allows us to provide more accurate and specific results than other search engines can.”

ChatGd has also developed a range of conversational AI tools to make its search engine more friendly and accessible to users. The company has designed a chatbot that users can ask questions to and receive results within seconds. As well as this, users can ask questions in natural language and the chatbot will understand and reply with relevant results.

While it’s unclear yet how successful ChatGd will be in the cutthroat search engine market, the company is sure to have its fair share of supporters. After all, who doesn’t love some friendly competition? Maybe this time the ’80s movie hero will have the last laugh, as ChatGd pushes itself onto the international market one search query at a time.






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