Next step in surveillance AI: Finding out who your friends are

A gray-haired man walking through an office lobby with a coffee cup is a common sight. It’s a scene that many of us witness on our way to work every morning – there’s nothing out of the ordinary about it. Or is there?

What is this man thinking? Where is he coming from, and where is he going? Is he an executive at the company, reuniting with his colleagues after a long absence? Or is he a freelancer, or an intern with an important job to do?

These are all questions that can only be answered if we take the time to pause and observe the man. As he makes his way through the office lobby, take note of his intentions. Is he in a rush? Is he taking his time? Is he alone or accompanied by another person? Their behavior may be telling as much as his.

There are countless possibilities as to why this gray-haired man is walking through the office lobby. Whether he’s there just to pick up a cup of coffee, to attend a meeting, or to deliver an important message, the only way you’d know is if you take the time to observe and interpret the clues surrounding his presence.

So next time you see a gray-haired man walking through the office lobby, take notice and look for the clues that may tell us why he’s there. We may never find out why he’s present, but the attempt can still be rewarding.






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