Google execs tell employees in testy all.

At a time when technology companies are increasingly linked to negative press, it’s nice to be able to talk about something positive. At a special meeting of its board of directors, Google executives announced that they will be implementing a new initiative to improve its search engine.

The initiative, called “All Hands Meeting”, is designed to ensure that all company employees have an equal say in the development of its search engine. This is a major shift from the past, where decisions were typically made by a select few Google executives.

The initiative is part of Google’s larger commitment to diversity and inclusion. All Hands Meeting will allow the company to make sure that the views of the diverse group of employees are taken into consideration when it comes to developing its search engine.

This move by Google is great news for the tech industry, particularly given its reputation for having a lack of diversity. While it may be a small step, it is still a major win for companies striving to be more inclusive and ensure that everyone’s voice is heard.

So, the next time you google something, remember – you’re part of a bigger plan! Google executives are committed to making sure all hands are involved in the development of its search engine. This is huge news and a huge win for those striving for greater inclusion and representation.






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