From tracking moods to putting on a show, it’s AI-everything at CES

We all have feelings, and often times these feelings can be hard to express and keep track of, especially for those of us who lead busy lives. That’s why entrepreneur Antony Perzo has developed an innovative device called the Emobot, a product that is the perfect tool for anyone trying to stay in tune with their emotional state.

The Emobot resembles a combination of a speaker and an abstract piece of art, and as enticing as this artifact appears, it is also surprisingly useful. It is essentially a smart device that features a sensor-equipped emotional thermometer, which is designed to respond to the user’s emotional state and adapt accordingly. The goal of the device is to act as an emotional thermometer, allowing users to understand their moods and feelings in greater detail, monitor them over time, and have better control over them.

Using AI and sensing technologies, the Emobot is an interactive device that is able to learn from the user’s behavior and mood. Depending on the user’s emotional state, the Emobot will recommend activities, such as yoga, meditation, or listening to uplifting music. Additionally, the device can track data points and provide feedback on the user’s behavior, allowing them to better understand their emotions.

The Emobot is the perfect tool for anyone looking to better understand their emotional states and take action to manage them. It’s an intuitive and easy to use device that can help us lead more balanced and fulfilling lives. Visit the Emobot website, and check out the many features this innovative product has to offer.






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