Digital Traders Want to Go Fish

It’s no secret the seafood industry is one of the most vulnerable industries to global changes. Due to an excessive amount of waste, unnecessarily large catches, inefficient production processes, and a lack of insight into the origin of fish, seafood often goes unsold or wasted.

Fortunately, a network of trading platforms is working to restructure the seafood industry to reduce the amount of wasted fish. These trading platforms rely on data-driven insights to maximize profits, focus on sustainability, and reduce the overall waste generated in the industry.

With the development of these trading platforms, the industry is seeing a decrease in waste due to improved efficiency in the supply chain. The platforms can pinpoint the most profitable opportunities to buy and sell fish, enabling buyers to purchase only what they need and reducing the amount of waste in the industry. In addition, the platform technology also provides valuable insight into where each fish is coming from. This ensures that all fish is traceable, sustainable, and of the highest-quality – ultimately reducing the amount of unsold or adulterated fish.

The introduction of these trading platforms into the industry is leading to increased profits and improved sustainability measures. By helping to reduce the amount of wasted seafood, trading platforms are playing an important role in helping restore the industry and better managing the environment. With continued development of these platforms, the seafood industry can begin to reduce waste and focus on sustainability in a way that benefits everyone.






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