Autoblogging with gpt-3 made easy

The code:

  1. Fetches a RSS feed and parses the XML
  2. Extracts the title of the first item in the RSS feed
  3. Uses the title as an input for an OpenAI API request
  4. Writes the response from the OpenAI API to an XML file

You can use the data from the XML file which includes the response from openai to create a new WordPress post automatically with several tools or plugins available for WordPress to create posts from XML files or RSS feeds.

Basically, it’s the ultimate auto blogging tool not only for WordPress. It automates everything and you don’t even need to post or request something manually.

The entire code was written by ChatGPT itself 😉

Here is the code:

If you don’t have any experience with the implementation – I will add detailed instructions soon



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