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  • A tool that is able to detect whether a text was generated by ChatGPT or an AI

    GPTZero is a tool that aims to determine whether a piece of text was written by a human or an AI. But does it work? The tool works on the assumption that human-written language exhibits properties of burstiness: non-common items appear in random clusters that will certainly appear over time. Recent research has extended this […]

  • He tracked every hour of his life for 5 years

    A Reddit user named tsweezy meticulously tracked every hour of his life for a period of five years. Maybe some estimation or after-the-fact recording was involved, but the sheer number of days and hours tracked is impressive.

  • The 8 best JavaScript data visualization libraries 2023

    JavaScript is a powerful language for creating interactive, data-driven web applications. One of the key ways developers can bring data to life is through data visualization, and there are a wide variety of libraries available to help with this task. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at eight of the best JavaScript data […]

  • Best Data Visualization Projects of 2022

    What makes writing more readable? Hub and Spoke How America Lost One Million People Pie Graphs of Dogs Why Arctic fires are releasing more carbon than ever Play mini golf to see how politicians tilt elections using maps You may have hearing loss and not know it. Here’s what it sounds like Absurd Trolley Problems […]

  • Autoblogging with gpt-3 made easy

    The code: You can use the data from the XML file which includes the response from openai to create a new WordPress post automatically with several tools or plugins available for WordPress to create posts from XML files or RSS feeds. Basically, it’s the ultimate auto blogging tool not only for WordPress. It automates everything […]

  • Everything to know about AGI and AI Debate 

    The debate around artificial general intelligence (AGI) and artificial intelligence (AI) has been ongoing for years. AGI is the concept of machines that can think like humans, while AI is the use of computer algorithms to solve problems. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but the debate over which is better has been a hot […]

  • How AI Can Help Improve Your Writing Quality

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has become increasingly sophisticated, and it is now being used by writers to improve the quality of their writing. AI is capable of helping writers craft a more effective narrative by analyzing text for errors and making recommendations on how to improve writing. AI can also help writers develop a more […]

  • 5 Reasons to Fear the Implications of AI

    “As the world becomes increasingly automated, artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a major force in shaping our future. But despite its potential benefits, AI also has significant implications for society that must not be overlooked. From its potential to replace human jobs to its potential for surveillance, there are a number of reasons why the […]

  • Build your own OpenAI ChatGPT App with Javascript

    Here is the code: an example:

  • Explain GPT-3 to a child

    What is GPT-3 and How Does it Help Us? GPT-3 is like a magical genie that grants your wishes and solves all your problems. It’s a powerful AI system developed by OpenAI that has the ability to generate human-like text. It can generate anything from a blog post to a novel, from a tweet to […]

  • Bitcoin Price in Real Time

    Here is the code

  • Building a Smart Mirror with a Raspberry Pi and Touchscreen Display in 7 easy steps

    Step 1: Gather the materials Step 2: Install the operating system Step 3: Connect the touchscreen display Step 4: Install the smart mirror software Run the MagicMirror2 software using the following command: Step 5: Attach the mirror film Cut the mirror film to the size of your touchscreen display Peel off the backing from the […]

  • Python code to perform a sentiment analysis on recent Twitter Tweets about Bitcoin and plot the results into a pie chart

  • Raspberry Pi Projects

    Raspberry Pi Projects

    Introduction Raspberry Pi Projects are a great way to learn and explore the world of computing and electronics. Raspberry Pi Projects are perfect for anyone who is looking to start learning more about computing, electronics, robotics and more. With a Raspberry Pi, you can build projects ranging from basic electronics to complex robotics, as well […]

  • How to use Google Sheets as a database or tiny CMS

    WHAT? Basically, you can use Google Sheets (or Excel Sheets) as a database or tiny CMS. You can access the data from any website or application. It means that you can make the copy or content of an entire website or application editable to other humans or machines. For example, you can provide your customers […]