Zoom enters the conversational AI arena

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Today, Zoom has announced their entrance into the conversational AI arena with the launch of Zoom Virtual Agent. This AI solution was created to improve customer and employee experience by delivering personalized, quick responses. Leaders in this space are looking for two outcomes from their CX technology: great omnichannel resolutions and an improved customer service experience.

Zoom Virtual Agent is a comprehensive, comprehensive solution that enables customers and employees to get the answers they need quickly and with minimum effort. The chatbot provides customers with personalized information in a natural mannner, with artificial intelligence understanding the context of the conversation. Zoom has focused heavily on creating a conversational AI solution that is natural and decoupled from a brand’s existing customer dialogue.

The Zoom Virtual Agent offers scalability, allowing businesses to incorporate more services and customers into the platform. Additionally, their AI technology enables businesses to develop highly personalized and tailored experiences. With the help of its technology, businesses can quickly detect patterns in customer conversations and offer targeted responses. By doing this, customers can get the answers they need faster.

All in all, with the launch of Zoom Virtual Agent, Zoom is bringing an AI with a natural dialogue to businesses to help them improve customer service experience. Through its technology, businesses can deliver faster, highly-personalized responses to customers and employees, helping them get the answers they need quicker and better.






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