What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a way of storing information in a special kind of database that is secure and cannot be changed or tampered with. It’s a bit like a special kind of ledger that keeps track of all the transactions that happen.

Imagine you have a bunch of blocks, and each block has information written on it. When you add a new block to the chain, it gets linked to the previous block, like a chain of blocks. This makes it really hard for anyone to change or delete the information that is stored in the blocks, because they would have to change all of the blocks in the chain.

Blockchain technology is used for a lot of different things, like keeping track of financial transactions, storing information about digital items like NFTs, and even for voting in elections.

So, in short, blockchain is a way of storing information securely and making it very hard to change or delete. It’s kind of like a special chain of blocks that keeps track of all the information.



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