What can Google’s AI-powered Bard do? We tested it for you

Welcome and thank you for joining me today as we explore Google’s artificially intelligent chatbot, Bard. As many of us know, artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) are booming technologies that are increasingly used in our day-to-day lives, and Google’s Bard chatbot is no exception. This chatbot is named after the famous playwright William Shakespeare, and its use has been making headlines recently.

Recently, an Associated Press reporter tested out Google’s Bard chatbot and really put it to the test. The reporter asked the chatbot a variety of Shakespearean questions related to the plays, speeches, and life of the Bard of Avon himself. While Bard didn’t answer every query perfectly, it still managed to impress. The chatbot was able to correctly identify the titles of several of Shakespeare’s plays as well as the famous soliloquy from Hamlet, “to be or not to be”.

The results of the Associated Press reporter’s test showed that not only does Bard understand the language of the Bard, but it can also offer some helpful answers. This is of course not just a novelty, but rather a big win for AI and NLP technology. It is proof that AI and natural language processing is getting better and better at understanding the subtleties of language, which opens up a myriad of possibilities.

So, “To use, or not to use, Bard?” – that is surely a question we should all be asking. If you’re looking for an AI chatbot that can understand and respond to Shakespearean questions, then Bard is worth a look. However, its use may be more limited in other contexts. The technological advancements that have gone into the creation of Bard are absolutely incredible, and hopefully it will continue to improve with time.






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