VisitDenmark brings iconic tourist attractions to life in AI-produced campaign

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Welcome to Denmark – the land of “hygge” and the new antidote to bucket list tourism. Tourism organization VisitDenmark has unveiled an exciting new activation campaign to put the Scandinavian hot spot on the map. How, you ask? By using artificial intelligence (AI) to make some of the world’s most iconic tourist attractions come to life with a simple message: Don’t come see me – come visit Denmark instead!

The AI-produced campaign includes audiovisual characters of the Mona Lisa, the Statue of Liberty, and other monuments, brought to life with human-like conversations inviting visitors to ‘hygge’ in Denmark. The campaign targets travelers who have always wanted to visit these tourist icons but never got a chance–or travelers who simply want something new and different from the usual vacation experience.

Those who accept the invitation will be welcomed with the Danes’ hospitality, the country’s beautiful landscapes, delightful cuisine, and its renowned sense of coziness and wellbeing. VisitDenmark is encouraging people to explore its cities, villages and lush countryside, where they’ll find plenty of activities to get up to, such as biking tours, beach barbecues, seal watching, and many more.

VisitDenmark’s campaign is leveraging AI to create a powerful and emotive dialogue that aims to inspire people to visit the country and experience its culture, hospitality, and diversity. By showcasing the joys of ‘hygge’ and an alternative approach to tourism, VisitDenmark is looking to set itself apart from the usual bucket list destinations, and can be an attractive destination for people looking for something new and unique.






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