To Hold Tech Accountable, Look to Public Health

Since the dawn of modern medicine, the field of public health has held a special place in the hearts of many. By making healthcare available to more people, public health promises to revolutionize global healthcare, bringing about the prospect of healthier, happier lives for many.

Unfortunately, the reality of public health has fallen short of this utopian vision in many cases. Despite the great strides made in improving healthcare access and delivery, the most vulnerable in society often continue to face particular challenges that are not addressed or treated by the current public health system. In some cases, public health can actually further compound existing disparities and inequalities, leaving those most in need of care further behind.

The good news is that this trajectory can be avoided. Strength can be harnessed from the field of public health to focus on the most vulnerable in society. Proper data must be collected that accurately describes the populations in need of care and the resources that can be provided to them. With insight into their needs, public health initiatives can be put in place that promote prevention and services that are tailored to the needs of these populations.

Changing the current public health system to suit the needs of the most vulnerable must involve collaboration between healthcare providers and public health professionals. Social workers and community health workers must play a more prominent role in developing and advocating public health initiatives that provide more tailored and comprehensive care. By doing so, the public health system can focus more on improving access and reducing health disparities.

Ultimately, we all stand to benefit from a public health system that takes care of the most vulnerable among us. By focusing initiatives on those most in need, we can create a world where healthcare is available to all, regardless of the disparities and inequalities that are so often present. It is only then that we can realize the utopian vision of public health, revolutionizing healthcare for everyone.






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