This Startup Is Using AI to Unearth New Smells

As the world becomes ever more digitally advanced, Google is proving itself as an innovator yet again. In recent news, Google Research’s spinout company Osmo is aiming to make serious scientific breakthroughs across several topics, one of which is the search for substitutes for hard-to-source aromas. This research could have big implications in the perfume industry, as well as in the fight against mosquito-borne diseases.

The concept behind Osmo’s research is to compile a large enough data set of smells in order to map out specifically what works together, smell-wise. The ultimate goal here is to make perfume creation easier and faster, as well as to discover alternatives to rarer, more expensive smells. This research could also benefit medical science, as certain smells have been found to be effective in warding off mosquitoes. With a data set that contains smells, their attributes, and possible options, Osmo could help significantly reduce the impact of mosquito-borne diseases with their new technology.

One of Osmo’s biggest innovations is in the speed and efficiency at which they are working. By using machine learning and artificial intelligence, they are able to quickly analyze large data sets to identify the most promising processes and formulate new ideas. This will hopefully be put to good use in their mission to unearthsubstitutes for hard-to-source aromas.

Between the perfume industry and the medical sphere, Osmo’s research could help bring about a revolution. By discovering workable substitutes for hard-to-source aromas, Osmo could open the door to new possibilities for perfumes, as well as more cost-effective ways of combatting mosquito-borne diseases. Google Research’s spinout company is selling itself as a hub of innovative, technologic ideas and the principles applied here could prove to be a game changer in these fields.






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