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It’s official: YouTube Can Now Change Everyone’s Lives For The Better!

It looks like the Internet just got a whole lot smarter, as YouTube has just announced the launch of their new “Change Lives” feature. This exciting new offering promises to put the power of making positive change into everyday users’ hands with just a few clicks of the mouse.

On their new page, YouTube encourages users to join their mission to connect with inspiring stories and better their surroundings. Through the “Change Lives” page, users can connect to any number of charitable organizations which are promoting social, economic and environmental betterment around the world. Whether it’s going towards helping clean up the oceans, feeding the hungry, combating poverty or stopping animal abuse, YouTube has it all covered.

The beauty of the “Change Lives” feature is that with just a few clicks, users can directly contribute to any number of causes that require our attention. Of course, for those who don’t have the means to donate financially, the site also allows for users to spread the message by sharing their stories or volunteering, as well as other ways.

It’s certainly an inspiring development to see such a giant company like YouTube take a stand for social causes and progress. So be sure to check out the new “Change Lives” page – it might just be the answer to making the world a better place one click at a time.






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