The stupidity of AI .

It looks like the technology world is struggling to keep up with the demand for a more efficient and effective AI-based chatbot. In the news recently, we are seeing reports of a major drop in the quality of an AI-based chatbot known as EL.

The report found that EL was unable to handle certain tasks that the users asked it to perform, such as recommending books or music. This is a common problem with AI-based chatbots since they rely on pre-programmed algorithms to assign a task and answer questions. Unfortunately, these algorithms are not always capable of understanding a user’s intent or accurately predicting their next move.

Despite these issues, the use of AI-based chatbots has been increasing in recent years. These chatbots can provide a convenient way for users to ask questions, get assistance, and even interact with customer service representatives.

However, while they can be useful, they should still be used cautiously. The recent drop in quality of EL serves as a reminder of why it’s important to be wary of AI-based chatbots and always be ready to switch to a more reliable human-based customer service representative when necessary.






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