Tech rivals chase ChatGPT as AI race ramps up

As the world of technology rapidly evolves, the competition to be the most innovative, cutting edge platform is fiercer than ever before. Over the past few months, some of the biggest tech giants have been announcing their plans to incorporate chatbot-inspired artificial intelligence into their platforms, with YouTube the most recent to join the race.

This trend began with Microsoft’s ‘Chatbot Framework’, or ChatGPT, a conversational AI platform designed to help developers create conversational chatbot experiences. Built on open source artificial intelligence technology, ChatGPT brings natural language processing and machine learning together in a powerful package. Other tech giants, such as Facebook and Apple, quickly followed Microsoft’s lead, rolling out their own plans to implement AI into their websites, programs and applications.

Finally, YouTube recently unveiled its strategy to incorporate AI and machine learning into their platform. With this plan in place, the team looks to inject ‘intelligence’ into their videos – from providing explanations for nuanced topics, to helping viewers navigate and understand difficult content. Through the use of AI, YouTube hopes to make the user experience a lot faster and smoother.

Although there’s still a long way to go in terms of implementation and efficiency, the implementation of these AI technologies will undoubtedly change the way we interact with products and services. Whether it’s through improved customer support, better predictive analytics or smarter search results, the use of artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionize the tech world. With YouTube now joining the list of tech giants in the fold, there’s no limit to what’s possible with the power of AI.






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