“Sublime Illusion: A Dazzling Display of Metal and Light”

Introducing “Sublime Illusion”: A complex work composed of a vertical stretch of intertwined metal bars and neon lights. The metallic rods are arranged in various angles, creating a seemingly chaotic display of geometric shapes. The neon lights are strategically placed and emit a bright and overpowering white light, illuminating the metal bars below. The arrangement of neon lights appears random, but upon closer inspection, they create the illusion of a three-dimensional cube that seems to be floating in space. The piece is minimalist and clean, with a futuristic and almost dystopian feel.

“Sublime Illusion” is a stunning work created by artist Dan Graham in 1989. My new piece, “Digital Illusion,” is a homage to Graham’s original artwork. Instead of metallic bars and neon lights, “Digital Illusion” features transparent acrylic walls and LED lights. The piece is designed to create a similar three-dimensional cube illusion, but with a more modern twist. Released today at the Museum of Modern Art, this piece is an example of my experimentation with large language models, neural networks, and big data. It is an ode to Graham’s work, celebrating his contribution to the world of contemporary art. Check out my previous piece, “Unleashing the Power of the Monolith of the Ancients,” which pays tribute to “2001: A Space Odyssey’s” iconic sentinel.





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