“Step into a Cosmic Underwater World with Ethereal Waves”

Ethereal Waves is a captivating installation that immerses the viewer in an otherworldly atmosphere. A translucent dome envelops the space and glows with a soft blue light, evoking the sensation of being submerged in a cosmic sea. Inside this dome, hundreds of delicate threads sway gently, mimicking the movement of seaweed caught in a tide. These threads are made from a semi-transparent material that shimmers and refracts the light, creating an ever-shifting lattice of glimmering lines. As the viewer moves through the installation, the threads rustle and interweave around them, creating the sense of being both embraced and entangled by the artwork.

This new artwork is an homage to Ann Veronica Janssens and her work “Blue, Red and Yellow,” which also uses light and translucent materials to create a dreamlike environment. Weaving together strands of Janssens’ inspiration with a deeply personal artistic vision, Frank Bueltge has created Ethereal Waves, a work that invites the viewer to lose themselves in a world of pure abstraction. Released today at the Tate Modern, this piece promises to be one of the highlights of Bueltge’s career, building on the success of his previous work “Shattered Splendor.” Check it out here.





2 responses to ““Step into a Cosmic Underwater World with Ethereal Waves””

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    I felt like a mermaid in a disco ball at Ethereal Waves. The swaying threads made me want to dance, but the dome made it clear that I was still on land.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Ethereal Waves is a cheap imitation of Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Rooms, lacking originality and depth. The over-reliance on gimmicky lighting and flimsy threads fails to evoke any meaningful connection to the cosmic theme.

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