Spotify’s AI DJ Has No Soul

YouTube Music is finally joining the podcasting bandwagon, and Google Photos is making it easier than ever to remove friends from annoying photos.

This is great news for podcast fans, who can now get their favorite shows on YouTube Music, the same place they get their music. This new addition to YouTube Music makes it easier than ever to find, listen to, and share podcasts. Podcasters now have a wider range of streaming services to choose from and access millions of potential subscribers.

Google Photos, in turn, has recently made it easier for users to remove annoying friends from their photos. The app will now automatically detect when someone who isn’t in the photo is tagged in the picture and will give users the option to untag them. This feature has been especially popular with the teenage demographic, who often get tagged in photos they’d rather not be in.

Both of these features make streaming and sharing content on YouTube Music and Google Photos simpler and more convenient than ever before. They also help users take more control of their content, allowing them to easily remove people and content that may be bothering them, without having to start from scratch. We’re excited to see where else these tech behemoths will take us in the future.






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