Shutterstock launches AI image generator with ethical focus

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As AI continues to become more and more embedded in our lives, companies are doing their utmost to ensure that ethical practices are upheld. This is especially true for image generators which use text-to-image algorithms. With the recent Getty Images lawsuit filed against Stable Diffusion creator Stability AI over alleged copyright infringement, it’s clear that proper procedures must be taken to protect both the creators and consumers of digital art.

Enter Shutterstock, an online marketplace for royalty-free stock images, who recently launched an AI image generator with a focus on ethical practices. The generator is powered by an AI algorithm which can convert natural language into much more visually abstract concepts through styles of art, such as Dali and Van Gogh. It’s easy to use, with various parameters for users to adjust and combine in order to create a unique image. The generator also offers members an extensive library of instructions and affects to further refine and customize an image.

Shutterstock has taken serious steps to protect the rights of both creators and consumers by incorporating ethical practices into its AI image generator. This includes a sternly-enforced and regularly updated licensing agreement to protect creators from any possible copyright infringement. On the consumer end, Shutterstock offers features like the “attribution-by-context” and the “attribution-by-license” to ensure images are properly licensed and credited.

Shutterstock’s AI image generator is a testament to the company’s commitment to ethical practices and standing in the digital art space. With a comprehensive library of effects, a strict licensing agreement, and a commitment to protecting both creators and consumers alike, this generator is a great tool for those looking to create their own unique and creative images.






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