Should I Learn Coding as a Second Language?

According to WIRED, the cutting edge of spirituality is closer to the cutting edge of technology than ever before. In a unique move, they have appointed a spiritual advice column focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI). The column is meant to offer thoughtful guidance on the intersection of spiritual practice and evolving AI technology.

One primary concern of the columnist is the potential implications if humans can’t read, understand, or interpret code as technology advances. We may no longer be able to comprehend the messages within our own technology, especially as AI becomes more advanced. On a spiritual level, it means that we may be losing touch with our own humanity, emotions, and intuition because technology is providing a false sense of security in how it meets all our needs.

The columnist encourages us to continue to develop our coding skills in order to most effectively use and, more importantly, have relationships with AI technologies. We should also be open to experimenting with different spiritual practices, such as meditation, yoga, and other contemplative techniques, as a way to process the implications of our ever-changing relationship with AI.

It is easy to question why a spiritual advice column focusing on AI is important, but there is a growing need and awareness of the implications of AI on our lives. We all have a stake in this conversation and we have an opportunity to create conscious choices instead of being left in the dark about how AI will affect our lives and our spirituality.






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