Recent news from the tech world shows that the sci-fi-publisher, Clarkesworld, has recently come out with a halt to the Pitches-Amped Debut of A.I. Generated Stories. This news has left many science-fiction fans around the world stunned and wondering what this could mean for the future of the genre.

The idea of stories created by Artificial Intelligence (AI) is nothing new, and has been explored by many authors and tech professionals over the years. But this new move by Clarkesworld comes with a new level of caution, ruffling many feathers within the sci-fi community.

It’s not hard to see why Clarkesworld would take this step. After all, AI-generated stories may not have the same level of originality or creativity as those written by human authors. In addition, there may be ethical implications that come with AI-generated stories, especially if these stories aren’t checked or modified by human editors.

At the same time, this news has come as a shock to many who are used to seeing AI-generated stories as a cutting edge example of the potential of the technology. Nonetheless, Clarkesworld’s decision to take a step back from this direction is an important reminder of the potential downside of AI-generated stories, and a sign that caution should be taken in this rapidly advancing field.

Only time will tell how this decision to put a halt to A.I. generated stories will affect the sci-fi community in the future. In the meantime, all eyes will be on Clarkesworld as they move forward in their decision-making process.






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