Research keeps AI compatible with smart devices

In today’s world, smart devices are the centerpieces of our lives. We rely on them for a variety of tasks, from ordering groceries to streaming movies. As our lives become increasingly connected and reliant on technology, smart devices keep getting smarter, with enhanced features and increased demands for more sophisticated hardware and artificial intelligence (AI).

The challenge is that many devices are still not compatible with the AI needed to keep them functioning. This can cause significantly lower performance and crashing issues, not to mention the reduced lifespan of devices if these problems aren’t adequately addressed.

Fortunately, there are ways to make these devices more compatible with the AI needed to keep them running, without having to increase the hardware capacity. This is something that Dr. Nesma Rezk, a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering, has been researching in her dissertation.

For her dissertation, Dr. Rezk focused on developing new algorithms and advanced models that allow smart devices to operate without increasing their hardware capacity. This helps to ensure the devices are compatible with the AI they need, while also reducing the hardware cost associated with them.

In addition to developing algorithms and advanced models, Dr. Rezk has also researched ways to extend the lifespan of smart devices, by optimizing their power consumption. By decreasing the power draw on devices, it can help to extend their longevity and reduce the strain on their hardware components.

Overall, Dr. Rezk’s research is crucial for the future of smart devices and the development of AI. With her advanced models and algorithms, it is possible to create smart devices that are compatible with the AI needed to keep them operating, without having to increase their hardware capacity. This helps to reduce the cost associated with devices and their maintenance, making them more accessible to everyone.






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