Reinventing search with a new AI.

Tired of slow and inefficient searching? Microsoft just unveiled their newest AI-powered search engine, Bing and Edge, to speed up your web browsing and copilot your productivity.

You can now enjoy an enhanced searching experience with Bing and Edge, tapping into the power of AI to save you time and help you find exactly what you’re looking for. With an improved algorithm, Bing and Edge will display a more relevant list of results, saving you time by providing only the most relevant results.

Microsoft Edge also brings an updated New Tab page featuring quick and easy access to frequently used websites, recent documents and photos, as well as tips and tricks to help in your web-browsing. The web browser also features the Bing Visual Search feature, making it even easier to track down the information you’re looking for.

The new Bing and Edge services, powered by Microsoft’s AI, are designed to drastically reduce search time and improve your productivity. With smarter searching and faster loading times, you can find what you’re looking for with ease and make the most of your web-browsing. Make sure to give the new Bing and Edge services a spin and save yourself time when searching for information!






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