Paper suggests AI could lead armies of the future onto battlefields

Recently, a research paper published in The US Army War College Quarterly: Parameters suggests that teams of humans under the control, supervision or command of artificial intelligences may be better equipped to win on the battlefields of the future than teams of human-controlled robots. The paper, led by researchers at Monash University, indicates that computers and other AI technologies provide both a strategic advantage and an edge in decision-making.

The researchers cite several examples where AI algorithms have outperformed human counterparts. In a 2016 game of Go, an algorithm developed by Google beat the world champion. Similarly, an AI system developed by CMU scientists in 2018 won a game of poker against professional players.

This research indicates that artificial intelligences can provide invaluable insights and be far better at making decisions in complicated and chaotic situations than humans. AI algorithms can process and analyze large amounts of data in a fraction of the time it would take a team of humans. With the implementation of AI algorithms on the battlefield, military personnel would be able to make split-second decisions that could save lives.

Moreover, AI has the potential to better identify and synthesize patterns of behavior in the enemy that might otherwise be overlooked by humans. This could result in improved tactics and strategies and ultimately an edge in battle.

Ultimately, this paper reinforces how AI technologies can provide a major advantage to militaries in any conflict situation. While no one knows exactly what the battlefields of the future will look like, it’s safe to assume that advanced AI technologies will be integral to success and victory.






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