Oxford University spinout invents body scanner for accurate clothing measurements

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Online shopping has become the go-to for many when buying new clothes, but it can be stressful and tricky. What size should you get? Will it fit? These are all questions that we’ve asked ourselves when ordering a new dress or shirt online. But now, an Oxford University spinout has come up with a game-changing solution for online shopping: a “ground-breaking” AI tool that scans users’ bodies to provide accurate clothing measurements.

The idea first started out in 2019, when Duncan McKay, an INSEAD MBA, and Phil Torr, Professor of Computer Vision and Deep Learning at the University of Oxford, joined forces to bring the idea to life. And now, they believe the tool will help save UK retailers billions of pounds each year in returned clothes.

The tool uses AI algorithms to scan users’ body shapes and sizes, and then produces accurate measurements of them, providing shoppers with a detailed size guide. This helps people purchase the right sizes easily and conveniently, reducing the likelihood of returns.

The tool could also encourage shoppers to buy different sizes of clothing than the ones they usually go for, as well as open up opportunities for new, technologically-savvy retailers.

What’s more, this tool could enhance people’s shopping experience. Shoppers no longer need to endure tedious guessing games when buying clothes online. By having the tool generate clothing measurements accurately, the whole process is streamlined. With accurate clothing measurements in hand, shoppers can go out and purchase the item with complete confidence, reducing frustrations and time when buying clothes online.

In conclusion, this ground-breaking AI tool will bring a whole new level of convenience to online shoppers everywhere. The tool has the potential to save UK retailers billions of pounds each year in returned clothes, as well as revolutionizing the online shopping experience. It’s an exciting example of what AI can do for us and how it’s transforming the way we shop.






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