Opinion | The Imminent Danger of A.I. Is One We’re Not Talking About .

Most people are familiar with Microsoft’s Bing search engine, but what many don’t realize is that this search powerhouse also offers something called ‘Syndicate Artificial Intelligence’ (SAI). SAI is an AI tech project whose goal is to aggregate millions of pieces of data from different sources to create a platform providing users with a personalized experience when it comes to searching the web.

In a nutshell, SAI automatically curates content from all over the web and presents it in an organized format to provide an easy-to-digest overview of the hottest topics of the moment. It understands natural language search queries, so users can type in simpler terms to obtain more accurate results.

The idea of using AI for search engine data aggregation is not a new concept, but Microsoft’s implementation is unique in that it allows for a greater level of customization. By taking into account user behavior and interests, Bing’s SAI is able to customize the results to give each individual the most relevant results.

The ‘Syndicate Artificial Intelligence’ technology has the potential to revolutionize the way people search for information on the web, and with Bing leading the way, who knows what other advanced search features are in store for users in the near future.






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