OpenAI opens waitlist for paid version of ChatGPT

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OpenAI, an artificial intelligence company, has recently opened a waitlist for users who would like access to a paid version of its ChatGPT technology. Despite having reportedly spent millions of dollars a month to keep ChatGPT free, OpenAI has been reluctant to make their premium accounts generally available.

The Google-owned OpenAI has created ChatGPT, a version of its popular AI-powered chatbot GPT-3. It is designed to be used in places like Slack, Discord, and Microsoft Teams to provide automated conversations in multiple formats. The paid version of ChatGPT will feature more advanced features that aren’t available in the free version, such as access to OpenAI’s compute clusters, access to more datasets, and higher accuracy.

OpenAI is also introducing a “freemium” model, which will offer a limited version of the paid product for free. This will allow users to try out the product before deciding if they want to upgrade to the full-featured version. The free product will come with the same features as the paid version, but limited to 300 queries per day.

OpenAI’s access waitlist has so far garnered over 2,000 reviewers. Those interested in trying out the paid version of ChatGPT will have to provide OpenAI with data-related information and financial information. Additionally, every reviewer will be fully vetted by OpenAI, ensuring that the paid version of ChatGPT stays secure and of the highest quality.

Overall, OpenAI’s move to create a paid version of ChatGPT demonstrates their dedication to creating a more advanced and secure AI-powered chatbot. With its free and freemium models, OpenAI makes it easy for customers to experience the advanced features of ChatGPT while keeping their privacy secure.






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