Nuggets mined from thousands of tweets can persuade us to eat more climate-friendly

Social media has become the go-to platform for people to interact, share opinions, and discuss news and current events. For some time now, Twitter has been a hotbed for discussions about sustainable food. A recent study from University of Copenhagen researchers has demonstrated that natural language algorithms are now able to identify and dissect people’s attitudes and conversations about sustainable food.

When it comes to conversations about sustainable food on Twitter, experience and opinion appear to trump fact in many cases. This is especially seen in how emotionally charged topics (such as food) are often debated about and discussed with far greater passion than scientific facts. Conversations are likely to draw in more users when the discussion is strongly opinionated, rather than fact-based.

What is interesting to note is that this new breakthrough in natural language algorithms is something politicians and public institutions can leverage when it comes to nudging society in the right direction when it comes to making sustainable food choices. This technology can enable public agencies to monitor conversations online and in turn, provide feedback on certain issues as they gain a better understanding of the public’s opinions on this issue.

In conclusion, this study has shed light on how natural language algorithms can help identify key opinion makers in conversations about sustainable food on Twitter. By understanding the public’s opinion on this issue, governments and public agencies can better approach the issue and drive the conversation in a more responsible direction.






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