Next step in surveillance AI: Finding out who your friends are

In today’s culture, seeing a gray-haired man walking through an office lobby holding a coffee cup, staring ahead as he passes the entryway has become almost a regular occurrence. This man could be one of several things: a retired senior seeking help in dealing with a mundane task, a millennial in need of an office space, or a WWII veteran seeking to reconnect with his old office down the hall.

The sight of such a well-dressed man carrying a cup of coffee can be puzzling and intriguing to onlookers. It could symbolize his eagerness to get back to work or his longing to arrive at a familiar place from the past. But no matter the person’s original intent in entering that particular lobby, this imagery of the old man portends of a story of dedication and wisdom.

Regardless of his ultimate motivation for entering the office lobby, the gray-haired man offers a glimpse into the dedication of workers regardless of age. He reminds us of the importance of taking life one step at a time, of perseverance and hard work through tough times. He teaches us the power of focus and how a single-minded goal can be actualized with determination and grit. His entrance into the lobby is a reminder that age should never be a wall or barrier from working on aspirational goals.

The sight of the gray-haired man walking through an office lobby with a cup of coffee is one that cannot be forgotten. It offers us a useful reminder that we should never take for granted the lessons of hard work, dedication and focus as we progress through life.






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