New research explains why a bad first impression cost Google $100 billion—or more

Google’s launch of their brand-new search-integrated, AI-powered chatbot, Bard, caused quite a stir when it launched this past February. The world was eagerly awaiting a new innovation in search technology and what an AI-powered chatbot could do to make people’s lives easier. However, when Bard was first put to the test, its first advertisement went awry, failed to find and present accurate information to users, and tarnished its launch.

When Bard was first launched in February, it was touted as a chatbot that gave users access to Google search results in natural dialogue. The initial advertisement for Bard was a showcase of its abilities, where it demonstrated how users could ask all sorts of everyday questions and receive, immediate and accurate answers in response. Unfortunately, this was not the case with the advertisement itself. When the ad was aired, viewers were astonished to see Bard fail to find the correct response to a simple question.

This oversight caused a significant delay in Bard’s marketing efforts, as Google had to pull the ad entirely and investigated why it failed to provide accurate information. After delving into the tech behind Bard, Google found that the problem was due to an undetected bug. The bug caused Bard to misread users’ questions and provide inaccurate information in response.

In the wake of its launch fiasco, Google acted quickly to address the issue and properly launched Bard a month later in March. Thankfully, the bug was identified and fixed before it could do any further damage to Bard’s reputation.

To this day, Bard is proving to be a valuable AI search tool. It’s quickly becoming an integral part of Google search and is helping to make online search more efficient and powerful. So, although Bard’s initial launch was a bit of an embarrassment for Google, the tech giant is setting its sights firmly on the future in hopes of of making search easier, faster, and more accurate.






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