New AI voice-cloning tools ‘add fuel’ to misinformation fire

This week, a doctored version of a video featuring President Joe Biden went viral on social media. In the original video, which is from a Jan. 25 news report, President Biden talks about tanks. In the doctored version, however, the President appears to give a speech that attacks transgender people.

The doctored video was seen by hundreds of thousands of people and shared widely on social media. It was subsequently debunked by fact-checkers, who explained that the president never made such statements in the original video. The manipulation of the video to appear that President Biden was attacking transgender people is especially concerning, given his long history of supporting the LGBT community.

The source of the doctored video has yet to be determined. However, it is just one in a long list of manipulated videos and images that have been posted on social media. This raises the important issue of misinformation on the internet and its potential impacts.

It is crucial that users of social media be able to identify and report doctored images and videos, to avoid further dissemination of false information. Likewise, it is vital that users take time to check the credibility of sources, and research claims and assertions made in posts and videos. It is only by being observant and inquisitive of what is shared online that users can stop the spread of misinformation.






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