New AI voice-cloning tools ‘add fuel’ to misinformation fire

In a recent news report, President Joe Biden is seen talking about tanks on Jan. 25. Unfortunately, there has been a misrepresentation of his words in a doctored version of the video, which has spread quickly on social media. This false version of the video has already achieved hundreds of thousands of views and portrays President Biden as giving a speech that attacks transgender people.

This kind of malicious media manipulation is always concerning, regardless of who the target of the attack is. It is particularly worrying in this case because it serves to spread hate against a vulnerable demographic. Using falsely edited videos in order to target any group of people is completely unacceptable and should never be condoned.

President Biden’s stance on transgender rights has been clear-cut and overwhelmingly positive. He immediately implemented executive orders to protect Basic Civil Rights for transgender people when entering office. He has also recently pledged to prioritize the passage of the Equality Act which, if passed, would ensure the legal equality of transgender people and provide federal anti-discrimination protection.

It is essential that the public is aware of the truth. They have a right to know in situations such as this and it is the responsibility of journalists and social media users alike to ensure that false information is not disseminated and that the truth is given precedence. It is disheartening to see President Biden being targeted in such a malicious manner, but it serves only as one more motivation to ensure that the true facts are spread and that the voices of vulnerable demographics continue to be heard.






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