picks up OpenAI’s founding mission

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Recently, Mozilla has announced plans to launch a new startup called “” which will build trustworthy Artificial Intelligence (AI) that will benefit humanity. This is reminiscent of Open AI’s founding mission which was to create an independent, open-source AI ecosystem.

Mark Surman, president of the Mozilla Foundation, wrote in a blog post that “This new venture will develop new methods, tools and applications to ensure AI can be developed and deployed responsibly, in ways that are consistent with Mozilla’s mission-oriented values.” will prioritize projects that focus on the ethical and beneficial applications of AI, rather than just technology for its own sake. The main focus of the startup is to address society’s most pressing concerns about the rapidly-advancing technology. They plan to work with advocates, industry, research and government to make sure AI is used in ways that best serve humanity.

Mozilla’s timing for the launch of this venture couldn’t be better. In recent years, there has been immense public pressure for tech companies to be more responsible and ethical when it comes to the development and deployment of AI. By taking an active role in the process of developing trustworthy AI, Mozilla is setting a great example for their peers.

It will be extremely exciting to watch and their work to create an AI platform that is legitimate, ethical, and beneficial to the human race. We are confident Mozilla will make progress in this area and provide a responsible platform for all types of AI applications.






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