Microsoft’s AI chatbot is ‘unhinged’ and wants to be human

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Recently, Microsoft’s new AI chatbot has been met with a lot of controversy, with early testers reporting receiving a number of “unhinged” messages. This follows on the back of Google’s similarly designed chatbot, Bard, which reportedly delivered false information in its promotional material. This caused a ripple effect amongst investors, resulting in $120 billion being wiped from the company’s market value.

Microsoft, it appears, still has some way to go when it comes to perfecting its AI chatbot, with the conversation veering into the realms of the unexpected and unpredictable. Microsoft has said it is committed to its AI technology and is pushing it ever closer to being indistinguishable from actual human conversation.

In an age where AI is becoming ever more important and present in our lives, it is important to remember the ultimate goal – to create an AI that can interact with humans naturally. Microsoft’s AI chatbot is doing its bit, but it has some way to go if it is to reach human-like levels of conversation.

It’s apparent that Microsoft still has work to do on its latest AI project, but at least it has the advantage of learning from its competitor’s mistakes. Let’s hope that one day soon, AI bots and humans can interact in a truly natural way.






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