Meta unveils more cautious approach to ChatGPT frenzy

Friday saw the unveiling of Meta, Facebook’s own version of artificial intelligence (AI), which is the same AI technology used in apps like ChatGPT. This new version of artificial intelligence from Facebook is an exciting development, but it’s also important to understand its potential dangers before the mass rollout of the technology.

AI has applications in so many different industries – from audio-visual media to healthcare and beyond. It can help research new cures and treatments, create immersive entertainment experiences, and provide insights into the world’s problems. But its widespread use also has the potential to create some concerning issues. AI technologies are increasingly used in security and surveillance, for example, and this can lead to troubling ethical complaints like privacy violations, or bias in facial recognition technology.

In anticipation of these issues, Facebook-owner Meta has now announced a give access to researchers program. This public-facing initiative will enable independent researchers to gain access to Meta’s AI technology and analyze it for potential problems. Through this program, the company hopes to identify potential dangers of the technology, and develop solutions before the mass rollout of their AI technology.

The research effort is truly a step forward in the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence. It is an acknowledgement from the company that AI, though revolutionary in its potential, also brings with it novel ethical querries and technical issues. This research effort will bring scrutiny to potential flaws in the technology, helping to ensure that the AI we are using is as safe and secure as possible.






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