Meta calls up generative AI squad as Snap releases ChatGPT-powered bot

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Generative AI is quickly becoming a major focus of social media companies. Both Meta, who are setting up a new product group focusing on building delightful experiences, and Snap, who just unveiled a new chatbot running on OpenAI’s GPT technology, are embracing this technology.

Mark Zuckerberg himself shared the news of the seat-shuffling in a Facebook post. As generative AI progresses from being an academic concept to an achievable technology, the potential implications for social media are obvious.

Generative AI is an AI application that’s capable of producing text, images, videos, and audio in a comparable, or even better, quality than humans. This could be used to create personalized experiences customized to each user. For example, a social media platform could use generative AI to create content based off of keywords or conversations, as well as track reactions and modify future content to reflect how user’s react to it.

Chatgpt technology is paving the way for better conversational AI. Combining natural language processing and deep learning, it’s capable of understanding and learning from large amounts of texts. As this technology develops, our interactions with chatbots could become more personalized and intuitive, creating more relational conversations that are closer to actual human-to-human conversations.

Generative AI will also be used for content curation. Platforms that customize content for users can rely on generative AI to identify user preferences and to provide them with more relevant content. Content will also be more easily updated, allowing social media companies to keep up with the latest trends and news.

Meta and Snap’s developments in generative AI will be beneficial to social media users. This technology will allow increased personalization and improved interactions, giving us better experiences and more suited content. It looks like the possibilities of generative AI will be explored further in the near future.






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