Institutional Traders Shifting Attention from Blockchain to AI: JP Morgan .

Investors just aren’t what they used to be. For centuries, all investors had to worry about was a potential stock market crash or their cows dying. But in recent years, we’ve seen the emergence of a new fangled concept: the digital asset class. And if a new survey is any indication, it’s clear that the traditional investor is struggling to keep up.

The survey, conducted by J.P. Morgan Certified Digital Currency (JPCDC), has revealed that only 15% of institutional investors are familiar with cryptocurrencies and digital currencies. Furthermore, only 27% of institutional investors feel confident about investing in digital currency-related assets.

This lack of knowledge is reflected in the lack of investment in the crypto market. The survey found that only 33% of institutional investors had invested in crypto or digital currencies.

So, while it’s clear that institutional investors are still trying to wrap their heads around the concept of digital currency, it’s also clear that they’re not taking full advantage of this new asset class. As more and more investment opportunities arise, it’s clear that institutional investors will have to start taking the plunge and doing their research to stay up to date with the world of digital currency.






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