Inside CNET’s AI.

It was just reported that Google AI has written its own “redventurous stories” – but don’t worry, that doesn’t mean your favorite authors are going to be replaced anytime soon.

It turns out Google has been using its impressive AI algorithms to generate stories in a Sci-Fi/Fantasy hybrid genre that’s being referred to as “Redventurous.” While the stories don’t quite measure up to the work of Neil Gaiman and J.R.R. Tolkien, they’re actually surprisingly well-crafted, making them an interesting experiment in AI-driven literature.

It’s unclear what the long-term implications of this development are, but what’s certain is that the technology behind it is incredibly impressive. Google’s AI is able to generate stories that have their own plots, characters, and settings, making them far more than just randomly generated collections of words.

The AI-written stories are being used to create an “interactive story experience”, allowing users to explore the possibilities of an AI-generated literary world. It’s an interesting experiment, and one that has implications far beyond literature. AI-driven stories could soon revolutionize the way we consume and create media, transforming the way we interact with stories.

Of course, Google isn’t looking to replace authors with AI just yet – but this is still an exciting development in AI research. It’s just another reminder of how quickly AI is advancing and how much potential it holds for the future.






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