Informatica launches AI tool for marketers

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In today’s digital world, data has become the lifeblood of any business – having accurate and up-to-date data is essential to measure performance and make better decisions. Informatica, an enterprise cloud data management specialist, has been on the forefront of making this data source available to the business folk. They have recently launched their free cloud data integration-free and PayGo services, which are set to revolutionize the data sector.

The service targets both data-savvy professionals and non-technical users, such as marketing, sales, and revenue operations teams, to build data pipelines within minutes. This service expedites data management and accelerates strategic decision making without any delays.

What makes this service more appealing is its price point; it is offered for free for an unlimited trial period and users can access the tool for varied pay-as-you-go plans depending on the need of the organization. Along with the low pricing, Informatica has also declared that it is incorporating AI-based capabilities to the platform, which will automate much of the tedious data coming processes and help users to get higher quality data sets.

In a nutshell, Informatica’s Cloud Data Integration-Free and PayGo service is a revolutionary tool that simplifies the tedious task of data organization, without breaking the bank. This can revolutionize the way data is managed and insights are derived from it. With AI-based capabilities now being integrated, we can hope for potential game-changing levels of data management efficiency.






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