How You Can Tell the AI Images of Trump’s Arrest Are Deepfakes

In the age of digital media, the use of doctored images on the internet has become increasingly more common. However, not all images are what they seem. Recently, images of the former U.S. president went viral on Twitter, with many users unaware of their status as doctored images. Knowing what to look for can help you spot doctored images so you can avoid being tricked into thinking something is real when it’s not.

First of all, take a close look at the image. Poor quality-photoshopping can often be an easy giveaway that an image has been altered. Look for visual clues such as warped proportions and artifacts in the image which suggest that the image has been manipulated.

Next, be sure to check the source of the image. If a legitimate news organization is not the primary source, view the image with caution. Doctored images tend to be passed around social media platforms and may not have a traceable source, since it is easy to manipulate images to prevent tracing them back to the original.

Finally, consider the context of the image. If an image seems to be out of a context which it appears to be in, it should be viewed with caution. Doctored images are often created and edited to fit a certain narrative, which can be incredibly misleading and potentially damaging to the image’s subjects.

By being aware of what to look for, you can help protect yourself from falling for doctored images that have gone viral on the internet. While it can be easy to be tricked by digital media, being vigilant and double-checking the source of an image can help to prevent from falling for a doctored image.






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