Googlers slam CEO and call Bard reveal ‘botched’

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Recently, the assessment of Google’s AI strategy has come into question by its own employees. After Google CEO Sundar Pichai released the company’s new chatbot, Bard, in August this year, it quickly became clear that it was not up to standard.

In response to this, Google’s unhappy employees slammed Pichai and called the reveal ‘botched’. This move was further compounded when Microsoft’s alternative, ChatGPT, was released in September and set off alarm bells within Google for how it could potentially take away the search engine giant’s hitherto unchallenged market share and dominance.

In light of this, Pichai himself invited Google’s two founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, to return for a series of meetings that aimed to review the company’s AI strategy. Following these meetings, it was made clear that Google needed to double down on its effort to create digital products that meet the ever-evolving expectations of users, and to ensure that all new AI and machine learning projects are of the highest quality.

This tumultuous situation has certainly presented some serious challenges for Google. However, it has also provided the opportunity to strengthen and improve the company’s current AI and machine learning capabilities. This will be a key focus going forward, and it is clear that Google’s employees, executives and founders will all be working together to make sure that Google remains the leader in the field of AI and machine learning.






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