Googlers slam CEO and call Bard reveal ‘botched’

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Recently, Google employees have been voicing out against their CEO, Sundar Pichai, regarding the company’s AI strategy. The source of this dissatisfaction was the reveal of their new chatbot, named ‘Bard’. Employees felt that the reveal was ‘botched’, and this had been met with alarm bells from Microsoft’s own chatbot, ‘ChatGPT’.

In response to the displeasure of his workers, Sundar Pichai extended an invitation for Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin to return for a series of meetings which would ultimately review the firm’s current AI strategy. Following the meetings, it was clear that there were changes that needed to be made in order to improve the company’s goals and strategies.

The Google conversation is reflective of the current technology revolution. The use of Artificial Intelligence is becoming more sophisticated and widespread, and its consequences are difficult to predict. It’s understandable why Google employees are concerned about how their AI strategy can affect the public in the long-term.

Given the complexity of new AI technologies, it is essential that tech companies provide as much transparency and detailed information as possible. As Google moves ahead with its plans, it is important to ensure that its team is on the same page and that they understand exactly what they are working on. As the company continues to grow and develop new technologies, it is essential that they engage in ongoing discussions between the management and the employees.






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